There are a lot of memes that spawned from the Spongebob cartoon show. One of the most popular Spongebob memes is the primitive version of the main character. It’s known as SpongeGar, Primitive Sponge and Caveman Spongebob. The character has a somewhat angry and confused expression and it has been used on the music board…

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Anime has been quite the hit all over the world in the past couple of years. If you’ve seen it, you know what it is, but it’s difficult to understand for those who haven’t. So, to better understand these funny anime memes, we will talk about the art style itself. It is an abbreviated pronunciation of…

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Memes about video games aren’t something new, they have been around for quite a while. Overwatch isn’t an exception. But, before we get to the Overwatch memes, let’s talk about the game for a bit. We need to know what it is about, how it is played and what’s the whole deal with it so…

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When it comes to things that burn out quickly, Pokemon GO was one of those things. So many people were playing, it seemed like everyone and their mother was outside taking a walk with a phone in their hands. The game had an augmented reality mechanic and was played on smartphones. All you needed was…

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Bernie Sanders or Bernard by his given name is an American politician with a lot of years under his belt. He has served as a member of the U.S. House of Representative and is currently a junior U.S. Senator. He has served the public for over two decades as an independent legislator. He is from…

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In most recent events, Hillary Clinton was a candidate for the 2016 U.S. Election. It was an election that inspired many memes, and, of course, there were Hillary Clinton memes. But, her meme background goes beyond the election. She was also the First Lady, Senator of New York and the Secretary of State. She has…

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Memes are concepts, catchphrases, activities, and pieces of media that spread quickly by being shared through the Internet. They are ideas, styles or behaviors that usually take the form of an image, for example as of 2017 the Trump memes have taken over the Internet by storm. Rick Rolling is the concept of baiting someone to click on a link to the Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. As a behavior the mannequin challenge was quite popular, even being done by popular artists at their concerts. Funny memes can be anything, from simple words and hashtags spelled incorrectly to funny products and weird movies.

You can also find image macros on the Internet, these are not the same as memes. There is a huge difference that most people don't recognize. Funny memes are popular and they identify with pop-culture, while image macros don't have the same popularity. But, there is a chance that an image macro will become a meme if it reaches the same level of popularity. It can be an already existing meme, but it doesn't qualify as one until it gets the recognition that a celebrity has.

When the Internet first became somewhere where we go for fun memes were shared through e-mail and some forums. Forums were quite popular as they gave people an easy way to share information, or in this case, memes. They also allowed for people to give feedback to the memes, this furthermore promoted sharing them. This gave people a new way to communicate with strangers and communities started forming. They are full of people that think the same but are miles away.

Funny memes will rarely evolve and change their meaning. There are rare cases where a meme has changed its meaning. A meme might evolve through an imitation or by becoming a parody of itself. They rapidly grow and gain worldwide popularity within a couple of days. There have been attempts to use memes for advertising. The company either makes their own version of the meme or shares memes as a way to appeal to their customers.

Most Hilarious Memes Ever (With Examples)

Social media has reached a peak as a tool for everyday communication and it just keeps growing as one. But, it isn't just about reaching out to people or working, social media is also great for sharing memes. They have been around for a while, but these days they are really popular and have a culture of their own. So, let's talk about some of the most popular and hilarious memes. It's really difficult to make the choice when you have a lot to choose from and everyone has a different taste. But, I've listed the memes that I see fit, and I know this isn't the case for a lot of other people. So, why won't we have a laugh while I share my opinion?


Everyone knows that cats rule the internet. It's not something new and a great cat meme is guaranteed to gain a lot of popularity. LOLcats were a huge hit in 2006 and they reached a peak in 2007. The blog I Can Has Cheezburger, made for sharing these hilarious memes, was receiving an average of 1.5 million daily visits. LOLcats were different cat pictures and they had funny captions. The captions were written in white text, in a language known as “lolspeak”. The bad grammar and spelling mistakes were all on purpose.


The song Never Gonna Give You up, by Rick Astley was a huge hit when it came out in 1987. It was popular throughout the 80s and 90s. But, in 2007, it reached a new peak all thanks to the Internet. It became a thing for someone to trick you into clicking on a link that would lead to this song. This is still popular to this day and there are links that look like they lead to something entertaining or useful, only for you to end up Rickrolled.


Cats might be favored by the Internet, but dogs surely aren't forgotten as hilarious memes. Doge is a misspelled version of the word “dog”. It's used do describe the Shiba Inus that reached worldwide popularity. The dog was used to explain the thought process of its kind. It was put onto different backgrounds, with captions written according to the situation. The captions have a very simple formula “wow, much [adjective], very [noun]”.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This challenge is proof that the Internet can be used to achieve a lot of good things. We've all seen the videos of people dumping buckets of ice cold water over their heads in the summer of 2014. The ALS Association inspired this challenge, to raise awareness for the Lou Gehrig disease. It was quite the success, as everyone, and their mother was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. From our favorite celebrities to our not-so-favorite politicians. Everyone donated their part and the campaign raised more than $220 million.


In 2015 a picture showed up on Tumblr, the picture came with one question. The simple question of “What color is this dress?” made everyone scratch their head. Because of the lighting, the dress appeared as white and gold to some and as black and blue to others. In the end, with the help of science, it was concluded that the dress is, in fact, black and blue.

Best Memes of 2016/2017

2016 has finally passed. Some consider it the worst year by far, and they aren't far with that consideration. But, as many bad things that happened, there was a lot to laugh at. Especially the memes, 2016 had the best memes so far, and these memes keep us laughing as we're slowly passing 2017. They were weird, funny and we still can't explain some of them. So, let's talk about the most memorable things that we saw on the Internet.

The Mannequin Challenge

There hasn't been a challenge that came close to the fame of the Mannequin Challenge. It has been everywhere. From small classrooms around the world to some of the largest concerts, and even Hillary Clinton did it on her plane. It was all done in the span of 14 days. Most notably, it was a challenge that made a song popular. Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd topped all of the charts, as it was a vital part of the challenge.

Evil Kermit

In the past, people used to imagine an angel and a devil on their shoulders when it comes to moral decisions. But, these days we imagine the famous green frog known as Kermit and another version of him in a hoodie, known as Evil Kermit. These two are simply different sides of the same coin, and they represent each and every one of us. No matter who we are or where we are, we all have a darker side, and in this case, it's represented by a green Muppet.

Joe Biden

The U.S. Election was quite the roller coaster. It had its ups and downs, and eventually, America had to pick a leader. But, the best thing about it was, without a doubt, Joe Biden. The best memes about Mr. Biden were fueled by the VP's bromance with Obama and how we all wanted for the both of them to stay in office. The memes made out Joe as a petty individual who would go all the way to stay in office and get back at President Trump, and we all wanted that.


If someone told me that Arthur would become a famous meme, I wouldn't believe it before. But, 2016 was quite the year and most importantly it wasn't Arthur that became famous, it was actually his clenched fist. An Arthur meme is a way to express the things that make us so mad that we have to clench our fist.

Harambe #RIPHarambe

The peak of 2016s weirdness was the killing of a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo. Thousands of people mourned the death of Harambe while ignoring the countless loss of human life. But, it was all in good nature, as all of us were trying to get a laugh with the best memes. “The world is a terrible place, all we can do is work hard to make each other laugh.” - Harambe.

The People Behind The Funniest Memes

We see memes on a daily basis, they are either fictional characters or real people. The people in the memes don't seem real to us. We see them, but we can't picture them as normal people. We imagine them in the unreal situations that are presented to us through memes. So, let's talk about the people behind the funniest memes. Let's see who they are, what they look like now and what they do.

  • Good Guy Greg
  • This good guy gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time. He was first introduced on 4chan and everything took off from there. He's still popular to this day, even though he showed up in 2011. In real life, Good Guy Greg is a fisherman, but some people don't believe that, to decide for your self you can check out the thread on Reddit.

  • Overly Attached Girlfriend
  • When Justin Bieber asked his fans to make a counterpart to his “Boyfriend”, of course there is going to be something weird and funny. Well, one girl decided to make the “Girlfriend” song as creepy and as stalker-y as she could. What else could we expect from the Internet? This parody spread from YouTube to Reddit very quickly. The girl behind Overly Attached Girlfriend is Laina Walker. But, we don't have to talk about her too much. She has a YouTube channel full of funny videos that you can check out.

  • Scumbag Steve
  • The funniest memes usually have their counterpart, well, Scumbag Steve is the opposite of Good Guy Greg. He is a representation of all the scumbags in the world. But, he's far from the meme in real life. Blake Boston is a father that is pursuing a career in music. The picture we use as a meme was taken when he was 16, by his mother. Feel free to see his YouTube channel.

  • Bad Luck Brian
  • When you see all of the Bad Luck Brian memes, you are going to feel bad for this guy. But, Kyle is perfectly fine. The photo is a year book picture from his 7th grade. His friend thought that it was funny, so he uploaded it, he had no idea that Kyle would become a celebrity. He has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page, both of which you can check out.

  • Success Kid

A lot of the funniest memes came with one cute kid. This kid would be there to cheer us on when we were successful. Sammy Griner was 11 months old when the picture was taken in 2007 by his mom, Laney. His mom still uploads his pictures to Flickr and Sammy has become so famous that he was featured in commercials.